High qualityis one of the basic principles of our company since we understand its utmost importance for our customers.

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The general contract

Our company offers industrial construction services. We take on large and medium-size industrial facilities. This allows us to concentrate all our efforts and resources on particularly significant expensive projects. Small industrial facilities are out of our competence – we believe this decision allows us to put all efforts and resources into particularly significant and lucrative projects. In this regard, collaboration with our company brings a lot of substantial advantages to our customers.

On the market since 2004

More than 50 completed projects

Over 80% of customers contact us again


As far as metal structures are in high demand on a regular basis and particular attention is drawn to the quality of the constructed buildings, our decision to build our own plant was coherent,

our decision to build our own plant was coherent. Today, its capacity is 500 tons per month, at a peak load it is up to 1000 tons. We use its products at our own facilities and supply them to third-party customers.

Capacity is 500 tons per month, in peak load it is up to 1000 tons


Rigging works, pipes fitting along with installation of control cabinets are completed by our company. If only one performer per object is appointed, there is no need to connect supply chains, which will significantly improve the quality of installation and prevent possible errors.

Our experience in installation of almost any type of equipment is 17 years.

Our considerable experience includes installed equipment at more than 40 major plants of different branches: food, woodworking, cement, confectionery, oil extraction, chemical and many others.

17 years of installation experience

Equipment has been installed at more than 40 major plants


Reztsoff installs insulation. We isolate with metal casings: 90% of western pipelines are insulated exactly this way.

We use only tested and high-quality materials and engage only qualified personnel.

we do the work:

  • Process piping insulation;
  • thermal insulation of heating, ventilation, water supply, air conditioning pipes;
  • Heat insulation of process equipment.

Heat loss will be reduced by 5-8%

Service durability of the pipelines will be increased