Installation of manufacturing equipment

We fulfill our obligations. always.

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The key difference between us and our competitors is that we monitor thoroughly the fulfillment of our obligations. This means that whatever problems arise on site, we will do everything possible to comply with the due dates and cost. We understand that any day of delay results in lost profit for customers and dissatisfaction of the management.

We fulfill our obligations. always

equipment has been installed
at 40+ large factories

Faster installation

Only full-time employees work for our company. This means not only accomplished workers with extensive experience, but reduction of installation time and minimizing the number of errors. As a result, we put equipment into operation much faster and prevent its breakdowns far more effectively.

Completion of the whole set of work

Rigging works, pipes fitting along with installation of control cabinets are completed by our company. If only one performer per object is appointed, there is no need to connect supply chains, which will significantly improve the quality of installation and prevent possible errors.

Modern automated equipment

We have all the necessary equipment at our disposal, including some that competitors do not possess. As a result, there are fewer staff and, thus, we cut down customers’ expenses, reduce the installation time and minimize the human factor.

Extensive knowledge

Our experience in installation of almost any type of equipment is 17 years. All works are performed in accordance with regulations and standards. As the need required, we provide customers with consulting support and assist in the preparation of as-built documentation for supervisory authorities.

Our considerable experience includes installed equipment at more than 40 major plants of different branches: food, woodworking, cement, confectionery, oil extraction, chemical and many others.

Although plants are not built every day, over 90% of our orders are repeated.

Since 2017 we have been marketing our services in the Republic of Belarus.

Our experience in installation of almost any type of equipment
is 17 years.


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