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At our disposal there are the most advanced technologies to control projects. We use the most modern technologies to manage the project

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Our company offers industrial construction services. We take on large and medium-size industrial facilities. This allows us to concentrate all our efforts and resources on particularly significant expensive projects. Small industrial facilities are out of our competence – we believe this decision allows us to put all efforts and resources into particularly significant and lucrative projects. In this regard, collaboration with our company brings a lot of substantial advantages to our customers.

We take pride in the quality of our work.

High quality is one of the basic principles of our company since we understand its utmost importance for our customers. Our work is in high demand due to superior quality in design and construction. Therefore, we have adopted a high profile on the market. Utmost steps are taken to make us feel proud – we build beautiful, durable, functional buildings for long-term and seamless operation.

Complex approach

We carry out the whole scope of general contractor works from the preparation of construction documents to the facility commissioning. There is no need for our customers to connect supply chains and divide a project among several contractors. Consequently, the number of potential errors is reduced to a minimum. All the works are performed promptly and the project is run with the most up-to-date technologies.


Any customer’s project is considered to be our own project and we take responsibility for it. Our specialists assure the reliability of the design, selected materials, technologies, due date and cost of industrial construction, as well as relations maintenance with customers and contractors. If we settle down to a project, it will be completed within the shortest time and with high quality of construction.

Lean construction and building information modeling (BIM)

In order to achieve maximum results we use the most advanced technologies.

Lean construction enables us to reduce waste, efficiently allocate funds, effectively coordinate the actions of construction participants, eliminate budget overruns and subsidized time, identify errors at the outset of the project and increase the efficiency of facility construction management.

BIM is a system in which all information on construction (such as architectural, design, technological, economic information) is collected and processed. Thus, a coherent picture of the process appears. This is one of the most modern technologies in design and construction, which helps to reduce the time, minimize the number of errors, facilitate coordination and improve communication among construction participants.

We put facilities into operation 3 times faster than competitors

We have been providing general contract services for 4 years. The first project was the construction of a refining workshop at the Saratov Fat Plant. The construction of the building and equipment assembly required 4.5 months; commissioning and putting into operation took us 2 more weeks. To compare the work pace with our competitors: to construct a similar facility for the same customer on the same site it took them 2 months and 2 months was spent to commission it.

It was our first project and later on we surpassed that time and efficiency record.

The onus is on us to complete every project as quickly, efficiently and reliably as possible.

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