Metal fabrication

Metal structures fabrication is carried out on all stages, from design to installation. They are fabricated in any scope required for the construction of both small and major industrial buildings.

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Since 2013, the Reztsoff metal structure plant has been supplying structures for the construction of buildings and structures all along Russia.

Professionalism and quality on every stage of our work, attention to detail and readiness to provide the customer with products within agreed deadlines have resulted in the trust of customers. Furthermore, it has paved the way for a high position in the industry with production of 1000 tons of structures per month.

The technological process includes the following stages: design, production planning, fabrication, quality control, delivery to the facility. More than 50 employees are involved in the process.

Our advantages:

our own Engineering Department

smooth-running operation


advanced logistics

financial stability of the company

reasonable prices for high quality products

fabrication of structures of any complexity to the extent required

About us

We value our clients’ time, so we pay special attention to the schedule and stages of project implementation.

Thanks to our well-developed logistics network , we ensure timely delivery of steel structures to the construction site and transport them all over Russia.

We not only produce but also successfully mount steel structures of industrial and commercial facilities, as well as perform a full range of works on construction of industrial buildings and structures “turnkey”, providing quick and high quality work.

The production capacity of the plant allows us to manufacture custom – built engineer constructions and products.

We are known as a reliable and responsible supplier. Our reputation is confirmed by numerous positive feedback from our customers.

We are recommended


  • Girders, trusses, beams, columns.
  • Welded beams.
  • Metal structures for quick-mounting structures.
  • Building framing elements.
  • Process racks.
  • Non-standard metal structures.

Production areas

For the convenience of our customers, the office and production are located at a single location: Ivanovo region, Shuisky district, Ostapovo village, st. Zelenaya, 79F. The 8500 production area includes:

  • the office,
  • blanking shop,
  • assembly and welding area,
  • painting area of metal structures,
  • rolled metal warehouse,
  • finished product warehouse,
  • nondestructive inspection laboratory.

It is enough to ensure the continuous production of 700-1000 tons of metal structures per month.

It is better to see once
than to hear a hundred times!

Come visit our Reztsoff metalwork plant — we will show the production process with precision to the smallest details.


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