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Here are excerpts from some of them. As well as video reviews in Italian, French, Finnish, and Belgian.

Peter Paul Weismayr,
General Director of EGGER DREVPRODUKT

We have been working with the Reztsoff company for three years. During this period, the plant was built and launched. This company participated in the installation of almost all the equipment that is at the plant. In the course of joint work with Austrian and German suppliers of technological equipment for the production of chipboard, the Reztsoff proved itself as a highly qualified team. The level of services provided by Reztsoff has reached the European level.

Jerzy Kaczynski,
Head of the Mostostal-export

The Reztsoff company installed ventilation, air conditioning and smoke removal systems inside the shopping center Topol. This is the only Russian company at the facility that performed all the work with a European approach. The work was done efficiently, with a clear organization and competent interaction with other contractors.

Alexander Kirpichnikov,
General Director of Raute Service

The result of cooperation with Reztsoff is high-quality insulated pipelines. Modern equipment allows to quickly and cost-effectively produce insulation. This helps to reduce the costs and time of installation work. A guarantee is provided for all the work done. This characterizes the company as a reliable partner.

Willim Heinrich,
Installation Manager ABP Induction systems GmbH

We were satisfied with the fast and high-quality installation and pleasant collaboration. Despite the fact that Reztsoff carried out the installation of induction furnaces for the first time, they coped with this task better than many other organizations that previously had to work with. The company plans to continue to cooperate with Reztsoff for the implementation of various installation projects.

Vitaly Zverev
Head of the department of technical control (Desmet Ballestra Group)

The readiness to respond in a timely manner to any problem, quickly make a decision and implement it is the important distinguishing feature of the engineering staff of Reztsoff company. The quality of the installation works is at the highest level.
Оpen and transparent relations with the customer allow to work quiet and fruitful and give confidence in the successful implementation of any project».

M. P. Kolomichev
Chief technical officer of Russian Paints

In the process of cooperation the Reztsoff company proved itself as a reliable and responsible partner. The works carried out by Reztsoff are distinguished by a high level of organization and planning. The company is equipped with competent engineering and technical personnel and the necessary modern working equipment.

Evgeny Valeryevich Romanov
Director of Elektrostroy

It is simple and convenient to work with the company. I was pleased with the openness in communication, the literacy of the engineering and technical staff, the high quality of products. I would like to emphasize your competence in solving emerging issues, commitment and punctuality in work.

Tomaso Tori
Regional Manager of Andreotti Impianti S.p.A.

Tomasso Tori. Area Sales Manager. Andreotti Impianti S.p.A.Tomasso Tori. Area Sales Manager. Andreotti Impianti S.p.A.
Alexey Igorevich Romanov
General Director of Partner Business Group

We express our gratitude for the fruitful cooperation and timely delivery of metal products to the construction site I would like to emphasize the competence of the plant’s specialists and responsiveness in solving emerging issues. It is a pleasure to work with a punctual and professional team.

Alexander Vladimirovich Babkin
General Director of Don Oil Product

ХI would like to note the high level of professional qualities and responsibility of specialists and workers of Reztsoff. We highly appreciated the flexibility in resolving issues, as well as the openness to communication and negotiations. The employees of the Reztsoff company are professionals who ensure a clear organization of the project implementation

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