Metal fabrication

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The metal fabrication includes the following stages: design, production planning, fabrication, quality control, delivery to the facility. More than 50 employees are involved in the process.

Metal fabrication is performed:

  • according to the structural engineering drawings of Reztsoff own design department or the customer’s one;
  • in compliance with the requirements of the terms of reference, applicable norms, regulations, State All-Union standard (GOST), construction norms and regulations (SNiP);
  • on automated machines and CNC-controlled lines;
  • with nondestructive methods for incoming and in-process inspection along with acceptance testing.

Based on our experience, the quality and price of metal structures depend on the following factors.

5 main factors
of high-quality assembly and welding
of metal structures
at our plant:

1. Materials

The result directly depends on the quality of the incoming materials:

  • We supply the metal from the leading metal-rolling plants: EVRAZ, Ashinsky metallurgical plant, Mechel, Severstal, Korolevsky Pipe Plant. Incoming inspection of metal-rolling is further carried out.
  • For welding we use ESAB MARATHON PAC welding wire and the CORGON welding mixture, which provides the best penetration, high speed of work, no slag and splashes.
  • Welding is performed by reliable welding devices Phoenix, Drive, Neon, Kraft, certified in NACWP (NAKS). The register of certified equipment can be viewed on the official website of NAKS.

2. Technology and processes

Assembly and welding processes are standardized. Every welder and assembler specializes in certain groups of structures, thus they manage to achieve high speed and stable quality. Welding technologies are certified in NACWP (NAKS). The register of certified in NAKS technologies of the Reztsoff metalwork plant can be viewed on the official website of NAKS.

3. Equipment and organization of production management

The Reztsoff metal structure plant is equipped with all necessary equipment for the cyclical turnaround. The exact correspondence of all geometric parameters of the structure is determined by the quality of the workpiece. This process is paid heed : each stage is controlled and only tested equipment is used, for instance: Voortman V304 and CNCSG300 plasma cutting machines with 2000×12000 mm desks and cutting thickness up to 200 mm; two KMT 700 KDG and BOMAR semi-automatic band saws capable of sawing from 10 ° to 90 ° and profile height up to 1150 mm, width up to 900 and 400 mm, respectively. .

4. Quality control

The plant has its own certified nondestructive inspection laboratory, which performs weld testing.

5. Staff

The plant is equipped with all the necessary personnel for high-quality and timely work performance. The numerical composition is more than 50 people. Many welders are certified by NACWP (NAKS). You can see the register of certified personnel on the NAKS website.

Final processing

The structures are pretreated in a blast cabinet, dedusted and degreased. In most cases, GF-021 primer is applied.

Finished products are subjected to anti corrosion treatment where they are painted. Protective coating is to be applied upon the requirements of the design documentation.

Painting is carried out by the method of airless application.

After this stage the thickness of the protective coating is to be checked.

At the final stage metal structures are loaded and delivered to the customer’s construction site.

Photos of the metal structure plant

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