Construction of the plant for processing oils and fats LLC "Irkutsk oil and fat production plant"

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The oil and fat processing plant was built by the LLC "Irkutsk oil and fat production plant", which is, а part of the Yanta Group of enterprises. Its capacity is 150 tons of vegetable oil and 100 tons of fats per day.

The construction of the new plant lasted 1.5 years: in August 2018 — the foundation was laid; in 2019 — metal structures and technological equipment was installed; by the end of the year, the construction was completed and the start of commissioning works was carried out. The commissioning was completed on February 25, 2020. The Belgian company Desmet Ballestra is the equipment supplier.

The plant consists of several technological sections: deodorization of oils and fats, re-esterification of fats, hydrogenation of oil and a laboratory.
The company uses a technology that allows the production of margarine based on a mix of fats without transisomers.

During the construction of the plant the company «Reztsoff» carried out work on the installation of technological equipment, insulation of technological equipment and pipelines.

Industry sector: Food Industry
Project: Construction of the plant for processing oils and fats with a capacity of 150 tons of vegetable oil and 100 tons of fat per day
Site location: Dorzhi Banzarova str. 1 Irkutsk
Terms of the work completion on site: December 2018 — September 2019
The description of the performed works:
  • Installation of equipment and process pipelines.
  • Isolation works.