Construction of the extraction shop for the oil extraction plant JSC Orelmaslo

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The plant of vegetable oils of JSC Orelmaslo is the largest producer and exporter of the region. The company's products are sold not only in Russia, but also in the European Union, the Middle East and China.

On February 25, 2019, the opening ceremony of the construction of a new extraction shop was held at the Orelmaslo plant. In addition to sunflower and rapeseed, the plant will be able to process soy and produce soy meal — a product that is widely in demand in the production of animal feed.

The company Reztoff acted as the General Contractor for the implementation of this project. The contract was a continuation of cooperation with JSC Orelmaslo: previously, work was carried out on the manufacture and installation of metal structures for the oil cake storage warehouse (132 tons).

We started building the extraction shop in March 2019 and it was fully built in April 2020. The equipment supplier was the British company Europa Crown Limited.

In August 2020, the new workshop of the Orelmaslo creamery underwent commissioning, and in October it was launched. The capacity of the creamery taking into account the new shop will be 400 thousand tons per year.

Industry sector: Food Industry
Project: Construction of the extraction shop for the oil extraction plant JSC Orelmaslo with a capacity of 1200 tons processing of sunflower seeds per day
Site location: 21, Maslozavodskoy per., Orel
Terms of the work completion on site: March 2019 – April 2020
The description of the performed works: General contract for the construction of the extraction shop:

  • 400 tons of assembled structures;
  • 323.88 tons of technological equipment;
  • 4.5 km of industrial pipelines;
  • 1990 m² of sandwich-panels;
  • 165.5 m of conveyors and bucket elevators;
  • 55,240 m of cables;
  • 9,119 m of trays and cable traks;
  • 9,479 m of external power supply networks;
  • 405 automation devices;
  • 305 m of water supply and sewerage pipelines;
  • 770 m of heating pipelines;
  • 1,645 m of fire extinguishing pipelines;
  • 505 m of fire-fighting water pipe;
  • 1,885 m² of insulation.

The facility included the following structures:

  • extraction shop with cooling tower;
  • solvent recycling storage;
  • the unit for draining the solvent from the tanker;
  • intercepting well and miscella tank;
  • oil cake flyover;
  • flyover of oil cake and grist;
  • engineering and household unit;
  • transformer substation;
  • diesel power station;
  • fire-fighting water storage tanks;
  • fire extinguishing pumping station;
  • sewage treatment plants for cleaning;
  • accumulating rainwater storage tank.