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The Reztsoff plant delivers metal structures to the Client’s construction sites throughout Russia. Vast experience has enabled us to develop a flexible supply system in all corners of this country.

Due to our own transport, as well as a wide partner network, we perform fast, reliable and safe delivery and provide the object with metal structures before the start of installation.



Most of our orders are shipped to the Central region of Russia since the distance to Moscow is only 350 km. The other deliveries are performed throughout Russia.

We have already worked out the delivery in the regions of Moscow, Ivanovo, Kostroma, Vladimir, Yaroslavl, Kursk, Leningrad, Oryol, Saratov, Nizhny Novgorod and Kaliningrad.


Today we offer structures for a wide range of enterprises, such as food, construction, engineering, metallurgical industry, oil, chemical and agricultural industries.

The Reztsoff plant has already supplied its products to the following plants: Pregolskaya TPP, ‘Gusar’, ‘Volzhsky Terminal’, Ferrero, ‘Galileo Nanotech’, Bildex, ‘Technokeramika’, ‘Textile M’ sewing factory, Saratov airport complex, ‘Farm Construction’ agricultural complex. On the ‘Objects’ page you can find out more about the Reztsoff projects. On the “Objects” page you can learn more about the buildings built on the basis of metal structures “Reztsoff”.

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Advantages of рlant logistics

  • Оptimal transport schemes taking into account the dimensions, weight, packaging of structures;
  • Balanced pricing policy and reasoned pricing;
  • Transportation can be arranged to any region of Russia;
  • Daily monitoring of transport movement;
  • Оrganization of delivery taking into account the construction schedule and the pace of installation;
  • Carrying out loading and transportation in compliance with the rules of cargo transportation and regulatory requirements;
  • preparation of the accompanying and permissive documentation.;

How do we deliver cargo

Delivery is carried out by means of road transport. The standard load capacity is up to 20 tons. The average load is 15 tons. Loading depends on the type of metal structures. Loading time is 2-3 hours.



The cost is agreed in each case individually and depends on the location of the object, the volume of products and the dimensions of the cargo.