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Reztsoff plant applies the customer-oriented system of metal structures supply – delivery by phases. The phase includes metal structures that allow installation in certain axes on the object.


Breakdown of the project into phases

At the initial stage, the company’s specialists, through interaction with the customer’s installation service and on the basis of KM drawings, determine the order of installation. Then we break down the project into phases for shipments of 40 tons or more, the phase is divided into stages. The weight of the stage varies from 5 to 40 tons and is determined on the basis of one work shift. Production and shipment of steel structures is carried out in order of stages, accounting in production is also conducted by stages.

How much does the phase weigh?

Weight of one phase from 40 tons.


Production planning

The use of phase delivery completely changes the approach to planning: it is 100% customer-oriented. Development of KMD, manufacturing and shipment of steel structures is carried out in phases, which allows you to begin production in a short time (3-5 days). Procurement and delivery of rolled steel to the plant is also carried out in phases.

Just-in-time delivery of steel structures

Timely delivery of steel structures and adherence to the installation schedule is a key factor in the success of the project. The phase-by-phase delivery system provides the construction site with the “just-in-time” structures needed for installation. Each phase is stored at the immediate installation site and allows installation “from the wheels”.


Installation by phase

Continuous, consistent installation is the most important condition for customer satisfaction. This is what phase supply is for. Metal structures come to the customer in separate phases (spans), which are erected independently of the remaining blocks of the overall structure. Equipment downtime at the construction site is excluded, the installation is carried out in accordance with the schedule of works.

The benefits of supplying by phase:

  • reduction of time for the development of KMD drawings: development only in the sequence required for installation;
  • flexibility of delivery in relation to the wishes of the customer and the installer;
  • the ability to combine different types of work (pouring floors, installation of sandwich panels, roofing), which in turn reduces construction time. After the installation of the m/k phase, it is possible to begin flooring and installation of sandwich panels of walls and roofs;
  • increased speed of installation;
  • no downtime due to the lack of structural steel elements on site;
  • eliminating losses of steel structures during installation, no extra blocks from other construction phases are brought to the site;
  • saves on storage space due to the ability to perform installation “on the move”.

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