Development of structural engineering drawings

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Development of structural engineering drawings (detailed metal structures) is the initial stage of production of metal structures.

Reztsoff plant performs these operations on its own. The design department consists of experienced structural engineering drawings design engineers with more than 10 years of construction experience.

When developing structural engineering drawings, modern Teckla Structures software is used, which allows the design of three-dimensional information models.

Use of Teckla Structures in structural engineering drawings design results in:

  • improved performance;
  • reduced number of errors managing
  • and exchanging of technological information in real time;
  • effective interaction of all participants in construction projects, such as structural engineers, designers, the metal structure plant staff, as well as contractors and project managers;
  • terms shortening of design, approval, production and installation stages.

This approach allows us to:

  • ensure the release of high-quality documentation in a short time;
  • cope with the task of any complexity;
  • comply with the requirements of technical regulations, State All-Union standard (GOST), construction norms and regulations (SNiP)
  • manage control over the release of its own high-quality products;

Russian largest enterprises have already entrusted Reztsoff with solving dozens of technically challenging problems.


Based on the drawings of the KM stage, a 3D model is built to ensure the accuracy of subsequent assembly while the installation.

Next, the 3D-model is decomposed into separate deliverable assemblies, on the basis of which the production works. The proper execution of drawings at this stage is the guarantee of high quality of the final products and further installation.

The final stage of the structural engineering drawings development is to print installation diagrams and to transfer them to the installation organization. Then, based on these documents, consistent and accurate installation of metal structures is carried out.

Our design department develops structural engineering drawings on the basis of the KM project together with the production and technical department of the plant. Collaboration allows us to prepare detailed drawings of each part and accurate data for the start of production.


The specialists of the Reztsoff metal structure plant have accumulated considerable experience in the design and manufacture of metal structures – industrial, commercial, agricultural buildings, warehouses, hangars, utility bridges and other facilities in Russia have been put up and successfully operated.

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